Avv. Alessandra Giordano

Mrs. Alessandra Giordano graduated with a Master’s Degree in Law at the University of Bari with a dissertation in criminal procedural law, getting the maximum score of 110/110 cum laude.

Admitted to the Bar at the age of 24 years old, she started her collaboration with Mr. Gaetano Veneto, Attorney at Law and Professor at the University of Bari, and, meanwhile, she qualified to teach law and economics.

In 1995, she moved to Rome and started her collaboration with Mr. Renato Scognamiglio, Attorney at Law, Professor at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” and Member of the Academy of the Lincei.

In 1999, she joined the department of labour law of the international Law Firm Tonucci.

From 2001 to 2010, Mrs. Giordano worked in the department of labour law of the Law Firm Pavia e Ansaldo. In 2008, she became Partner in Pavia e Ansaldo and she was appointed as Head of department of nautical labour law.

Since 2004, she is admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of Italy.

In March 2010, Mrs. Giordano became Partner, Head of the Rome Office and Head of department of labour law and nautical labour law in the law firm Zunarelli e Associati, an internationally accredited firm in the field of Transport and Shipping, that deals with significant scientific activities.

In 2015, she founded the law firm Employment & Sea Law – Avvocati giuslavoristi. The law firm is formed by the alliance among three professional firms run by the excellent professional and scientific experience of Mr. Claudio Scognamiglio – Attorney at Law and Professor at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, of Mrs. Alessandra Giordano – Attorney at Law, and of Mr. Enrico Claudio Schiavone – Attorney at Law and Partner in the law firm “Schiavone & Partners”.

It provides integrated legal advice  – in the broad sense, in the physiological and pathological stage – with the goal of assisting Companies in the area of the common labour law and social security; nautical labour law and social security for seafarers; industrial and union relations; safety workplace and safety on board ships; expert legal advice in the labour law and trade union law practice areas to national and territorial employers’ associations.

Throughout her professional career she has provided extrajudicial consultancy by handling employer-employee relationships and by taking care of industrial relations – also through the use of welfare support provisions – and has given judicial assistance, in labour law disputes all over Italy, by taking care of every stage of the proceedings, in favour of Italian and foreign entrepreneurial macrostructures operating in the banking, industrial, commercial, public and shipowning fields.

In particular, she has gained peculiar expertise in the specific field of maritime labour law, offering her assistance for over 10 years to the world most important shipowning companies in taking care of industrial relations, human resources management, employer-employee relationships in the maritime labour field; as well as in the judicial phase of labour disputes, in every degree of the proceedings, before all Italian Courts and Public Administration bodies.

She is also legal advisor for the industrial relations of CONFITARMA – the Italian Shipowners’ Confederation.

The extremely diverse range of handled cases has allowed Alessandra to explore the peculiar and “special” institutions of the maritime labour relationship, contributing to the development of a very wide range of judgements, which constitute important precedents in the national area. 

The strengthening throughout the years of the specific expertise in Maritime Labour Law has allowed the creation of scientific […] relations with National Institutions, Governmental Bodies and National Trade Associations which have lead to the formation of working groups aimed at conceiving important reforms in the “shipping world”.

Conferences and teaching:

  • Lecturer/speaker  at the conference Le nuove esigenze formative ed opportunità professionali nel cluster marittimo (The new training requirements and career opportunities in the maritime cluster) organised by the University of Naples “Parthenope” – 2009.

Title of the report: Le competenze necessarie per cogliere le opportunità di crescita (The skills needed to exploit growth opportunities)

  • Lecturer/speaker at the seminar Non è vero che Nave e Terminal si palleggiano la sicurezza nei porti (It is not true that Ship and Terminal pass the buck to one another as regards liability on safety in ports) promoted by Propeller Club Port of Naples in collaboration with Confitarma – 2009.

Title of the report: Testo unico sulla sicurezza sul lavoro (d. lgs.81/08). Al via il processo normativo per l’adeguamento e l’armonizzazione della sicurezza sul lavoro nel settore delle attività portuali e a bordo delle navi. Le Istituzioni si confrontano con il cluster marittimo per finalizzare l’attività legislativa ed il crescente impegno imprenditoriale per migliorare la tutela della sicurezza e della salute dei lavoratori (Code on safety in the workplace (d. lgs. 81/08).

  • Lecturer/speaker at the conference Nuove rotte per la Sicurezza SHIPPING & SAFETY (New routes for safefy – SHIPPING & SAFETY), held on board of Ship “La Suprema” – Genova – 2009.

Title of the report: L’impatto del d.lgs 231/01 sulle imprese di navigazione (The impact of Legislative Decree 231/01 on shipping companies)

  • Teaching in the field of “Nautical labour law” within the 1st level postgraduate Master Course in “Economics, law and maritime policy – SeaMaster” – School of Economics of the University of Sassari – 2010.
  • Co-executor of draft law ESIN – Italian social institution of the maritime navigation – registered on October 28, 2010 – Parliamentary act 2863 of the Chamber of Deputies (submitted by the President of Works Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, Mr. Moffa)
  • Teaching in the field of “The government of nautical labour law” within the Doctoral study in   European civil, commercial and labour contract law – School of Economics of the University of Venice “Ca’ Foscari” – 2011.
  • Lecturer/speaker at the seminar Questioni attuali di diritto della navigazione e dei trasporti (Current issues of maritime law and transportation) organised by ASLA – Association law firms, regional delegation of Friuli Venezia-Giulia under the patronage of Chambers of lawyers of Trieste – and by AIDIM – Italian Association of Maritime Law – and Chamber of Commerce of Trieste – 2011.

Title of the report: Il contratto di arruolamento tra diritto della navigazione e diritto del lavoro comune (The seafarers’ employment agreement between nautical labour law and common labour law)

  • Lecturer/speaker at the conference La sicurezza nel lavoro nautico (Safety of nautical labour law) organised by UIA – Union Internationale des Avocats – and the Regional Committee of Campania – Napoli – 2012

Title of the report: Gli obblighi di sicurezza sul lavoro a bordo della nave e le deleghe di funzioni (The obligations of safety on board ships and the delegation of functions)

  • Lecturer/speaker at the conference MLC 2006: stato di implementazione (MLC 2006: the implementation status) organised by ILO – International Labour Organization – by the Ministry for Transports – Rome – 2014

Title of the report: Tipologia contratti di arruolamento alla luce della MLC (Types of seafarers’ employment agreements in the light of MLC)