Labour law, social security and industrial relations

Employment & Sea Law is a professional entity which provides legal assistance to national and foreign Companies  –  macro/medium/ small-sized enterprises – operating in several fields: credit, industrial, methal mecanics, steel, broadcasting/publishing, energy and oil, chemical, commercial/services/tourism, public, transports, etc., both in the physiological stage of Company’s life – managing individual employment relations/ human resources, and taking care of industrial/trade unions relations, as well as through the adoption of social shock absorbers -, and in the pathological stage in labour disputes, taking care of every stage of proceedings before Courts all over Italy.

In particular, the assistance concerns:

  • legal advice
  • organizational consultancy;
  • management of employment relations;
  • contribution and insurance obligations;
  • social security and safety at work;
  • outsourcing and internalisation;
  • network contracts;
  • management and support for industrial relations;
  • negotiation of collective bargaining agreements national and within companies;
  • business restructuring;
  • changes in employment relationships;
  • termination of employment contracts;
  • collective layoff procedures;
  • transfer of business;
  • social shock absorbers in general;
  • unemployment insurance and solidarity contracts.