Nautical labour law and maritime social security

Boutique of Excellence of the Year Legal advice on Nautical Labour Law 2018
To be a professional entity characterized by its peculiar expertise on assistance to shipowning companies of global and domestic importance in every degree of the proceedings, setting itself as a reference point in the specific branch of Nautical Labour Law.

Employment & Sea Law is a professional entity characterized by its solid expertise – for about 20 years – on the specific legal field of “Nautical Labour Law”, providing assistance to shipowning companies, both of world importance and operating on a smaller scale, and to employers’ associations in maritime sector.

In particular, the legal assistance concerns:

  • handling of the maritime employer-employee relationship;
  • taking care of the industrial/trade union relations;
  • collective bargaining agreements national and within companies;
  • safety and security on board ships;
  • collective layoff procedures related to crew agreements;
  • transfer of business related to crew agreements;
  • special solidarity funds;
  • deregistration and re-flagging of vessels (from Italian flag to UE flag or ExtraUe flag) and consequences for crew agreements;
  • sale of vessels and relevant consequences for crew agreements;
  • legal advice in the area of international jurisdiction and international Nautical Labour Law;
  • assistance in proceedings before the Public Administration [Maritime Authorities, Port Authority, Port Authorities’ General Command, Ministry of Infrastructure and Transports  – Maritime Transport, Inail nautical sector (ex Ipsema), Inps].

The Firm provides, furthermore, pre-litigation and litigation assistance in Nautical Labour Law sector in every stage of proceedings, having explored and handled – successfully – an extremely diverse range of cases related to peculiar and “special” institutions of the maritime labour relationship, before a number of Italian Courts – Labour Section –, and before Maritime Authorities for relevant administrative proceedings.

The Firm participates in working groups aimed at conceiving reforms in the “shipping world”, in the technical workshops established for this purpose by Public Institutions, Governmental Bodies and National Trade Associations (as adviser of CONFITARMA’s – Confederazione Italiana Armatori – national service of trade unions relations) devoted to the study of specific topics in the area of Nautical Labour Law and maritime social security.[:]